Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Big Hello and Introduction

Hello Everyone:

I know alot of people haven't seen my work, but I have been trying to get pics out as much as I can and been working on getting group gallery shows and hopefully will be able to have enough stuff for a solo show within a year or so. Right now I have some custom munny's on display at the APW Gallery in NYC and will be participating in their group gallery painting show on July 18th. I have met some wonderful people so far, especially Hans Yim and Kerry Lee of APW Gallery.

Ok so let me tell you all a little about myself, I'm a 31 yr old self taught artist I have been drawing crazy things since I was 5. I'm also a toy collector and anime fan. My style has many different influences ranging from comics,anime,Bio Mechanics, Horror, abstract art, and graffiti. I tend to fuse all these influences into every single piece I do, but I also seperate those influences for certain pieces

Well till next time take care


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