Tuesday, July 29, 2008

...More info on the House of Liu custom show @ APW Gallery on 8/22/08

Here it is folks... the flyer for the House of Liu custom show @ APW Gallery. Vinyl Pulse did a story on the upcoming show and you can check that out here.

Here are the artists on board for this show (including myself) Peskimo, JamFactory, Julie West, DGPH, Shin Tanaka, MCA, Jim Koch, Nanospore, Ken Keirns, Shawnimals, Lou Pimentel, Sichi, Charuca, Bounce, Filter017, Shon Side, Sneaky Raccoon, Squee, Escape76, Revise CMW, Peabe, Joey Potts, Yunicorn, Joey D, Jose Garibaldi, Blutt, Fathom, Flip, Yoink, Stizo, Leaders 1354, OsirisOrion, Coolvader, Boxguts, C. Krebs, KidLew, Steve Talkowski, Kerry Lee, and Hans Yim.

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