Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Inferno and The Experiment II by OsirisOrion

Hey there everyone I got two new custom 7" munnys out, The Inferno and The Experiment II! The Inferno is a glow in the dark munny, I'm in the process of trying to take good pics to show off the GID effect so those will be posted shortly. Enjoy the pics, and you can see more shots of these munnys on my flickr page here or just click on the pics below to go to my flickr page!

The Experiment II by OsirisOrion

The Inferno by OsirisOrion


  1. Looking forward to seeing
    photos of the Glow-In-the-Dark
    figure. I've tried it with some
    of my toys, but the photos just
    didn't turn out.

  2. These look great Rob, and I wrote a lil something up on my site about these two! You work just keeps getting better and better, amazing as always!




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