Monday, November 10, 2008

ToyCyte X OsirisOrion... custoMONDAY

Hey everyone! I got some exciting news, Jeremy Brautman of ToyCyte has picked me for this weeks custoMONDAY's feature artist. What the heck is custoMONDAY you ask? Well it's a new weekly feature ToyCyte is doing promoting up and coming artists in the vinyl toy scene. Each week a new artist is picked and in turn that artist participates in a contest. This week you got a shot to win a custom 8" Dunny by yours truly. All you guys and gals have to do is come up with a name for the custom! Head over to ToyCyte and post your name for my custom 8" Dunny in the comments section. While your there check out the interview I did with Jeremy. You can check out the feature here or click the banner above. See that Dunny in the banner? That's the dunny you have a chance to win!!!

I would like to thank Jeremy for picking me as this weeks custoMONDAY feature and for the great interview. Even if you don't win the custom dunny, my 25% off sale is running till the end of November at my BigCartel shop. Pick yourself up a print, custom or both! Enter coupon code "MonsterLover" at checkout to get that 25% off savings ^_^


  1. Congrats, Rob. Nice insight into your craziness in the interview too!

  2. This turned out so good man, congrats on the got you tons of well deserved exposure! Keep rocking the customs!



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