Saturday, June 6, 2009

OsirisOrion VS Rumble Monsters One-Off Bop Dragons On Sale Now

Hello everyone! As promised the one-offs in my OsirisOrion Vs. Rumble Monsters Bop Dragon custom run are available for sale at my bigcartel shop here. The one-offs are priced at $150.00 US + $10.00 shipping for international orders. The Venom & Carnage homage set is $450.00 US /International.

There are still a few Radioactive Bare Belly and Deadly Nightshade Bop Dragons left for those who didn't pick one up yet!.

I put together a little montage of the one-offs for everyone, enjoy! Head over to my Flickr page here for bigger pics.

"Nova" Bop Dragon

"Sewer Sludge" & "Molten Lava" Bop Dragon

Venom & Carnage

Venom & Carnage

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