Monday, September 28, 2009

Kregz and His Minions ..custom dunnys for Terminal22 3-D Canvas Show

Hey Everyone!

Big thanks to Nasty Neil and Terminal22 Art Gallery for inviting me to exhibit
 in the upcoming 3-D Canvas Show, that will be taking place on 10/2/09!

Here are my customs for the show titled Kregz and His Minions! 
These bad boys will be sold as a set. 
           Kregz is an 8" dunny and the minions are 3" dunnys, all handpainted by yours truly ^_^

Terminal22 Art Gallery is located at
2443 Telegraph Avenue
Oakland, CA 94607

The show will be on October 2, 2009 from

6pm-10pm. So if you are in the are, check it out! 
It'sgonna be a killer show!
                   Below are some more pics and the impressive line-up of
          artists exhibiting at the show!

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