Monday, January 4, 2010 Contest Winner!!!

Hey Everyone!! I got very exciting news just a few minutes ago from the guys over at!! A few months ago I signed up and entered their contest to win some cash and to get one of my desgins produced for a limited run of t-shirts!! Well I was picked as one of the lucky two artists for winning designs of the contest!!!

The winning design I submitted, was "The Terror Before My Eyes" ( shown above), originally planned for a limited giclee print release but never came to be! Now the design will finally be released but on a t-shirt!! How cool is that??

Stayed tuned for more info on release date and pricing info! All sales and distribution will handled by Head over to and check out the site, sign up and submit your art to win a chance at $500 cash and a T-shirt run!!.

Big thanks to the staff!! 2010 just got off to an awesome start!!!

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