Monday, May 17, 2010

Thought Processor NYC Series @ MyPlasticHeart NYC 5/21/10

"The Forbidden" 18"x24" Acrylic on Canvas
"Thought Processor" custom paper toy
On 5/21/10 MyPlasticHeart NYC will be hosting Phoneticontrol's Thought Processor NYC Series! Each artist was asked to do a custom Thought Processor paper toy along with a canvas painting! It is sure to be an amazing show! Big thanks to Phoneticontrol for hooking me up with the show! Also all the custom thought processors will be available for download via Phoneticontrol's site here free of charge! All the pieces in the show will be available for sale via MyPlasticHeart's website here

Check out the list of amazing artists lined up for the show!

Kelly Denato @
Abe Lincoln Jr. @
AW177 @
Steve Talkowski @
Leontine Greenberg @
Billi Kid @
Chris Krebs @
Patrick Francisco @
Dacosta! @
Tae Querney @
OsirisOrion @
Dino Alberto @
Celso @
John Dombrowski @
Jon Contino @
Robots Will Kill @
Mr. Den @
Chuckboy @
Project Detonate @

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