Monday, April 5, 2010

Sketchbot Custom Show Recap @ MPH 3/26/10

 Probably by now you all have seen the press for the Sketchbot show that took place on March 26th at My Plastic Heart in NYC! I was at the show with my homie Project Detonate and it was a great time, met some new people and artists that I've been meaning to meet in person!

above is a slideshow of my custom for the show titled "Space Junk Mondo" which is available for sale at My Plastic Heart's website here !
Dave Glittleman and Benny ( Tenacious Toys ) were at the show snapping pics all night! Dave also shot a really cool video of the show! 
Dave Gittleman's Flickr Slideshow

Benny ( Tenacious Toys ) Flickr Slideshow 

Sketchbot custom show video by Dave Glittleman


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