Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dem Bonez custom show @ Zakka 3/25/11 DUMBO NYC

"Dem Bonez" is the name of a vinyl platform created by the godfather of graffiti, SEEN. The show is curated by Elite Gurdz's Mr Den, and this is what he to share about the origins of the show:
STORY OF DEM BONEZ FROM MR DEN: "A few years ago SEEN wanted to produce these but the company that was making them couldn't get it quite right so SEEN pulled the plug on the whole project (That's why I decided to name the show "Dem Bonez the Reconstruction".) Being that I've worked with him for about 13 years, he became a mentor of sorts so I couldn't just let the awesome platform not see the light of day. One day I approached him with the idea of letting me curate (Nemo co-curated) a custom show with all the samples that was tucked away in some little dark corner collecting dust, he said, in his Richie SEEN manner "Hey slick, take em' all. Do whatever ya want wit em'."
And the rest they say, is "legend"...

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