Thursday, May 26, 2011

An Afternoon with NemO & Space Junk Destroyer

Yesterday was a great day! I got to hang out with my buddy Mike "NemO" Mendez and brought over my
Space Junk Destroyer sculpt for him to check out! I explained to Mike that I wasn't 100% happy with the sculpt, I felt it needed something more... and this is what Mike came up with so far

I was able to shoot some video while Mike was sculpting. I used the Super 8 iPhone app, which shoots video like the old school super 8 cameras.. pretty neat!

Mike is an awesome friend and sculptor! I can't thank him enough for helping me out with the sculpt! With Mike's revisions to the sculpt, it will be possible to easily cast it in resin!

NemO working on Space Junk Destroyer

So stay tuned kids, I will be updating the progress on Space Junk Destroyer soon as Mike is done with the re-sculpt!

The highlight of the day was when Mike showed me this sculpt he is working on

new figure sculpt from NemO

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