Sunday, March 15, 2009

Custom Bop Dragon for Super7's "It Came From Skull Brain Show"

Hey everyone

I will be participating in the upcoming Super7 Kaiju Show "It Came From Skullbrain". The show will be taking place on April 13th at Super7's retail store in San Francisco, CA! The list of artist participating in this show is off the wall. There are going to be veteran Kaiju customizers and also western vinyl customizers. Here is the list of artists lined up for the show.

BannedinDC, Toybot Studios, Paulkaiju, Magillagorilla, El Maz, BETSO, REdYOdA, Ricky Wilson, Grimsheep, Tan-ki, Jared Deal, Scott Gargus, Reactor88, Toby Dutkiewicz, KiLL!, LiLJAPAN, Brent Nolasco, Rebel Wookiee, McBoing Boing, APina, Deadboy, Steve Poysntixels, LASH, DrilOne, Jason Riggle, Dead Presidents, Robert De Castro, Motorbot, EvilTerrel, OsirisOrion, Chris Bryan, Mr Grzlli Atom, Jesse Hernandez, Dustin Cantrell, Leonard Amaral, Redhanded, Hellopike, Plaseebo, Lou Pimentel, JOE, Gatchabert, D-Lux, Sean Blay, Cliff Kirschner, Benjamin Seto, Greasebat, PHONETICONTROL, Josh Herbolsheimer, Leecifer

If that line up doesn't make your jaw drop...nothing will. I really wish I could get out there to see this in person.

And now here are the pics of my custom Bop Dragon. For those who have never heard of Bop dragons., They are made by Rumble Monsters an awesome Japanese Kaiju company.

To see more pics of my custom Bop Dragon head over to my Flickr page here!

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