Thursday, March 26, 2009

Customs for upcoming IWG Humans Beware show 4/20/09-6/6/09

Big thanks to DrilOne for invting me to take part in Rocket World's "Humans Beware" I.W.G custom show that will be taking place on Friday April 10th 2009 at Rocketworld - 660 22nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107. For more info click the flyer above to go directly to the Blue Gallery website or click here

Here are my customs for the show, for more pics please check out my Flickr.



All custom by the artists participatiing in this show will be for sale here. Please support your favorite artist, and check out this artist's a killer lineup for sure ^_^

ADDEccentric,Angry Woebots,APina,AW177,Ayleen Gaspar (October Toys), brainstrikers ARTDENKA,Bert (gatchabert) Gatchalian, Betso, Bovinyl,Brandon sopinsky, Brian Colin,Brent Nolasco,Charlie Alan Kraft,Cris Rose,Ckaweeks,Clinton Reno -, CoreRoc, CrEsToNe,Cyan Banister (Zivity), Daniel Elson,Dead Presidents Designs, D-Lux,DrilOne,Dustin Cantrell,El Maz, FAS,FOOX, Frank Kozik,George Gaspar (October Toys),GOCCODO, Grimsheep, Hellopike,IZ the WIZ,Jenny Wolf, Jeremiah Ketner a.k.a. small and round, Jeremy Regan, Jes,Jim Koch, Joe,Jon-Paul Kaiser,Ka, Keith Noordzy,Keith Poon,Kelly Vetter,Lana Crooks,Leecifer,Lou Pimentel,
MADTWIINZ -,Maku,Matthew Ryan Sharp, Matucha,Max Bare,Metal Man Ed,Mimic,MONSTREHERO,Motorbot,Nanan1,NEMO,Newkon,Okedoki,OsirisOrion, Paul Harding,Paulkaiju,Phetus, Phu!,Pretty Poopie,Redhanded, Reactor 88,
Rebel SC,Robot Octopus, Rsin, Sade TCM,Scott Stulen,SpankyStokes,Squink!, Tan-ki,Toybot Studios, Trenton M.,Trevor Zammit,tyleR,willow408,64 Colors,

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  1. Dentata looks better and
    better each time I see it.
    Awesome work, Osiris Orion!



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